DKH Admissions

Admissions to Reception are handled by Southwark through the Common Application Form, which is available online at Admissions at other times are handled through our school office, if you are moving from another Southwark school, or by Southwark, if you are moving from outside the borough.

Admissions to Dog Kennel Hill follow the Southwark community schools criteria. This means that priority is given first of all to looked-after children, then to siblings of children who are currently attending the school, then to children with particular medical, social or psychological needs, then finally on distance from the school.



Nursery Admissions

Children can join the waiting list for a place at our Nursery once they are 2 years old, places will be offered for the September following their 3rd birthday.

If you would like to add your child to the waiting list for a place at our Nursery please come into the school office between 10am and 2:30pm to complete the application form. All applications must be accompanied with the following documentation

  • Your child’s Birth Certificate and NHS number
  • A recent Council Tax bill
  • A recent letter from Child Benefit or Tax Credits (no more than 3 months old).If you are not in receipt of either please provide your child’s NHS medical card

Please bring the original documents with you when you come to complete the application form so that we can take copies.

Parents will be informed by the end of May if their child has a place to start in September.

If there are more applicants than spaces available, places will be offered based on the following criteria

  1. Looked after children. Children with an educational, social or medical need (please note these applications must be supported with professional documentation)
  2. Children with a sibling that will be attending the school at the time of admission
  3. Children living nearest the school measured by straight line route from home to main school gate.

If you have any questions regarding the application process for Nursery please call Bonnie at the school office on 0207 274 1829


Open mornings

We also conduct regular open mornings for parents and carers to visit the school. They will run from 9.30am to 11.00am. They will consist of a tour of the school conducted by a group of current pupils followed by a talk by the headteacher or a member of the senior leadership team.

Please check the School Calendar for upcoming open mornings. Places must be booked in advance by contacting the school office.