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International Coordinator – Fátima Duerden

Comenius Project

Click on the picture below to watch “Once Upon A Forest”, a performance linked to our most recent international Comenius project!


Comenius Visit

During the week of 21-28 February, our Comenius partners from Crete, Cyprus, Guadeloupe and Italy visited us in London. This visit was a cultural and educational study visit.

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The visit they cherished most was the visit to our school, which took place on Friday morning. Our partners were shown around DKH by some eTwinning ambassador pupils from year 4. These children worked very hard on our project work. Together with our year 3 eTwinning club members, they also managed to sing the project’s theme song ‘I am happy’ in French, Greek and Italian!! Our partners were very impressed and felt quite emotional during our fantastic Music Assembly.


On Friday afternoon we visited the British Council to talk about our fantastic project and the activities we do through eTwinning.  We were live on Twitter so other teachers in Europe could follow our conversation.


Our Comenius partners’ visit to London and Dog Kennel Hill school was a success!

Dog Kennel Hill gets the Re-accreditation of the International School Award 2013 -2016


We are all very pleased to have received this Reaccreditation in recognition of our ongoing international project work and the further development of the international dimension in our school, through programs such as eTwinning and Comenius.

British Council



Comenius project “Once Upon an Island” – 2013-2015

A two-year Literacy project for years 2 and 3, in partnership with ten schools from small and large islands around Europe. Children will set on a quest to explore stories acquiring lifelong learning skills of reading and writing. Using innovative ICT tools they will engage in collaborative storytelling exploring European values and identity. Creative workshops and story sessions with parents and grandparents will enrich their knowledge through intergenerational learning. Children will be exposed to European language diversity while creating a story in all partner languages using illustrations, audio and music.

Our project has recently won the eTwinning European Quality Label award.

eTwinning European Quality label

Comenius Regio project   “School Radio 4 Learning” 2013-2015

This is an EU collaborative project between Southwark schools and schools in the Algarve with the objective to raise the ability of schools to focus on literacy and language issues in a creative way through the use of school radio broadcasting.

Comenius projects are funded by the European Commission through the British Council under the Lifelong Learning program.

Lifelong Learning

Other international projects through eTwinning include partner schools in Spain.

These projects enrich the teaching and learning of Spanish and give the children a real platform for communication and a real meaning to their Spanish learning.