Isabelle Sporidis

Meet Isabelle

isabelleI was appointed a parent governor in March 2013. I have a son in Y3 and I am so delighted that he is at this school. Why? Well, because DKH seems to me to be a proper inner-city school. It genuinely has diversity, socially, economically, racially and in terms of faith. London’s strength is its great mix of people and our school reflects this.

We have many things in common, two of which are, our love for our kids and our belief that a good education gives them a great start in life. I believe that education is not just about good exam results but about stimulating curiosity, learning to think for yourself, learning to be independent and to be endlessly adaptable. And learning to be a decent person!

I am on my second career as a secondary schoolteacher. I teach English and Drama. Before I had my son, I worked in film and theatre as a marketing consultant. So I hope I bring some useful skills to the table.

I will be on the Curriculum Committee and the Children, Families and Community Committee. I am here to represent you, the parents – so please come and chat to me any time – about things that are concerning you, things you think the school is doing well, ideas or things you think the school could do better.

As a single mum, I am endlessly juggling childcare like all of us, so I might not always be at the school gate. However I am really happy for you to contact me at