Meet Mary

Mary Henley photo THISI have two children at DKH, in year 2 and reception.  They really enjoy being at school and the opportunities they are given both to learn and to play.  As a parent, I naturally have an interest in how the school is performing and in the environment where my children spend so much of their time.

I also have a longstanding professional interest in education and young people.  I have a degree and a doctorate in psychology, and have studied children’s development and cognition.  I now work as a user experience researcher, applying psychology to web design.  This means looking at how people use websites and computer software and understanding from this how we can make it fit their needs better.  I’ve worked on projects for all sorts of clients across pretty much every sector, but some of those I’ve enjoyed the most have been with young people and on education-related subjects.  These include Plotr (a website to offer careers inspiration to young people), Moshi Monsters and other Mind Candy games and apps, and the TDA (who were responsible for teacher training and professional development of school staff).

I want to see DKH develop and improve.  This includes not only the academic results the school is measured on, but also making it an even better, more enriching place for our children and the staff to be part of.  I’m pleased to have the opportunity to contribute to this as a governor at DKH.