Breakfast Club

Join us for breakfast

The breakfast club takes place in the art room in the new building from 7:30 to 9:00. Breakfast is provided; fruit juice, cereal and toast are available. Games and books are also provided. The breakfast club is run by Cathriona Costello and Grace Omolaiye who both work as teaching assistants in the school. Children who attend the breakfast club can arrive any time from 8:15 and must stay in the club until the bell goes at 8:55am when they go straight to class. We expect children who attend the breakfast club to be committed to it and attend regularly. Expectations of behaviour are exactly the same as during the school day.

There is room for 20 children in the breakfast club. Because of regulations for provision for the under 5s, we are only able to provide breakfast club for children aged 5 and over. The charge is £10 for the week, to be paid on Mondays. If the cost of the breakfast club causes difficulties, please speak to Bonnie in the school office. If the club is over-subscribed, places are offered on a first come, first served basis.