Special Educational Needs (SEN)

Our SENCO is Ms. Natalie Melehi. She can be contacted by email or phone through the school office.

At Dog Kennel Hill we pride ourselves on being a truly inclusive school. We welcome all children from all walks of life and with many different special educational needs. We work with children with needs that include Down’s syndrome, autistic spectrum disorder, cerebral palsy and many others besides. From time to time any child may need additional help and we aim to provide this when necessary.

As a school we strongly believe that all children have the right to a quality education with a broad curriculum. We know that as a school community we benefit from welcoming children with special educational needs into our classes. All of the SEN children at our school are very much loved and highly regarded members of their classes. In fact we often find that classes with children with complex needs often turn out to be quite special themselves, in terms of their patience, understanding and tolerance.

All of the teachers and support staff work very hard together to make sure that all children are included in every aspect of school life as far as their needs allow. We try to send members of staff – both teaching and support staff – on courses to enable them to learn more about the needs of children and how best to support them.

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